quinta-feira, outubro 05, 2006

Brief Introduction

When we want to talk about Science and Religion, it is very important to tell what kind of "Science" and what kind of "Religion" we are going to deal with. Not all sciences are the same, not all religions are the same. Specifically in this blog, we intend to talk about natural sciences and christianity. It doesn´t mean that we are never going to talk about other topics related to our title "Religião e Ciência" (the Portuguese for Religion and Science). But as my main subject is Physics, and I´m a Christian, it´s much easier to me to deal with these specific topics. Oh, yes...I´m Giselle, a recent PhD in Physics. I intent to contribute to this blog and I hope to be clear (defending my points and writing in English, which can be a chalenge sometimes!) :o)
I´m attaching a photo of mine, just to let you all know my face, and to complete my blogger profile! Hope next time to present a deeper subject :o)

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