segunda-feira, outubro 09, 2006

It was in September, the II Congresso Internacional de Ética e Cidadania , in Sao Paulo. This year, the main subject was Religion and Science. Our group, representing AKET (Associação Kuyper para Estudos Transdisciplinares –, ), was composed by Guilherme Carvalho, Miriam Ferreira, Rodolfo Amorim and Giselle Fontes (which is me!). Guilherme spoke about Science and Faith from Paul Tilich perspective (though Guilherme himself is not a liberal!!!). Rodolfo spoke about…oh, oh…I forgot the title of his work, but next entry I´ll tell :oP I spoke about the consequences of a Calvinist worldview for the rising of Modern Science, using mainly the approaches of Robert Hooykaas and Alister McGrath.
The main speaker, during the evening conferences,was Nancy Pearcey. She is a famous author in USA, and is considered by many as Francis Shaeffer successor, who was her tutor at L´Abri. There are several of her books aleready published in Brazil: The Soul of Science (A alma da ciência ,Editora Cultura Cristã), How Shall We Live? (E agora, como viveremos?, CPAD) and Total Truth (Verdade absoluta: libertando o cristianismo de seu cativeiro cultural, CPAD) – the last one was launched during the Congress.
During her three lectures, Pearcey exposed a kind of summary of the ideas presented in her books. In the two first lectures, she spoke about the myth on the warfare between Science and Religion, showing how Chrisitanity (in fact) helped modern science do develop. The last lecture was about the frauds in the Theory of Evolution and presented Intelligent Design as an alternative.
For those who read in Portuguese, I recommend (18 de setembro de 2006). There, Norma Braga (which was also in the Congress and that I had the pleasure to meet), writes a very good summary of the topics exposed by Nancy Pearcey.

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