quarta-feira, outubro 25, 2006

Just to fix the last message...during the congress, Rodolfo spoke about a comparative analysis on Kuyper´s and Wolterstoff´s concepts of Science .
Talking about conferences...from the 19th to the 21rst of October, happened the first AKET´s conference! The theme was "Francis Schaeffer for the XXI century". It was a wonderful time! We had nice lectures on several themes: Music, Spirituality, Philosophy...and the implications of these things on our life.
My lecture was on Science and Religion, from the views of Alister McGrath and Francis Schaeffer. I´ve tried to show how they had similar thoughts on the subject and how these thoughts can contribute to a healthy debate on the topic. McGrath is a theolog but also a scientist. So, he can speak of Darwinism, for example, with a scientific view. He is great! Schaeffer, by the other hand, was a theolog, and his criticism is much more philosophical. If you are interested on the lecture, I can try to provide an English version of my powerpoint presentation. Feel free to ask!
The other lectures were also very good. But, as this is a Science and Religion blog, I restricted myself to publish a summary of the presentation on this topic...

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